Director's Statement


Perseverance, fellowship and sacrifice are words that have often kept me afloat. Words I have shared with hundreds of colleagues in the arts for the last thirty years. And three words that embody this journey that takes place over one wintry week in Chicago by a pair of unknown writers.

Ghostwriter is my love letter to Chicago’s artists, her mentors and students, the honor of teaching. I have memories seared into my mind as a young actor, challenged and exhilarated by one teacher who put endless energy into our time together. She lit a path for me to follow and find a deeper truth inside of my own work. Thirty years later, we come full circle. That teacher, my mentor, is in the cast of Ghostwriter and I am thrilled to celebrate what she has given to me.

Ghostwriter is my tribute to those who have struggled with their return from war and the ache of survivor’s guilt. It’s hard to believe my college roommate went to Desert Storm nearly thirty years ago. I have long sought a special way to raise my voice in gratitude to so many brave people who have sacrificed in the endless war of my generation. 

Ghostwriter is a message to my sons. The last decade has brought the arrival and departure of many special people in my life and given me great fuel to seek out and celebrate small moments of humanity, show what brings us together, how we overcome great loss and keep pushing forward. My resolve to pursue these stories is stronger than ever today as I raise three little boys within a nation that often feels covered in darkness. I share this with them to remember the need for brotherhood. And shine a light on two unknown faces inside a giant city as they forge the kind of friendship as artists that defines exactly why I want to get up in the morning and keep going.